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Available Options

UPS Express Saver - 2-5 days (Service is beneficial for shipments up to 30 kg)

UPS Expedited - 5-10 days (Service is beneficial for heavy weight shipments)

The exact price of delivery will be known only after the order is processed and the item is ready for dispatch. The weight of the package may increase due to our need to use additional packing material to prepare it for shipping. In such a case, you will receive a notification.

Please note, in case if the dimensional (volumetric) weight exceeds the physical weight, the cost of delivery is determined based on the dimensional weight.
The dimensional weight of cargo is calculated as follows: LENGTH (cm) x WIDTH (cm) x HEIGHT (cm) / 5000 = volumetric weight (kg).
Note that the shipping cost may be adjusted accordingly, so you may be required to make an extra payment to complete the shipping.

Your order can be shipped using this method three times a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please send us your dispatch request before 5 pm Emirates Time (UTC +4) on the day before the desired shipping day, i. e. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, respectively. Requests should be sent to: [email protected], from an email address indicated on our website.

Terms and Conditions:
The total cost of all items sent by UPS - specified in the invoice (shipping cost excluded) - is insured free of charge against loss or damage.
The insurance scheme does not cover items that have been lost, damaged or delayed due to force majeure.
Higher value of insured shipping shall not in any event exceed USD 50,000 or its local currency equivalent per package.
None of the dimensions of the parcel must exceed 2 meters.
The maximum length and greatest circumference must not exceed 3 meters.
Packages with an actual weight of more than 70kg are not acceptable. Shipment will be divided and dispatched in multiple boxes under 1 commercial invoice.
In case if any whole piece cannot be divided, you can apply for the quotation of UPS Pallet Service via email.

General Terms and Conditions:
Responsibility for loss or damage of an item during shipping lies with the shipping company. We kindly request that you carefully inspect the shipment for damage or defects immediately at the time the carrier delivers it or you collect it from the collection point, in the presence of the delivering carrier's personnel. In case if defects or damage have been detected, please ask the courier/service representatives to draw up a statement (Damage Report). To receive reimbursement from the postal service, please contact us after you have filed the claim.

Please note the following:
While making an order, please note that oils, special fluids, shock absorbers and airbags are not allowed for air transportation.
There is an additional fee for packaging of bumpers, fenders, hoods, doors, sunroofs, windshields and rear glasses in the amount of USD 30 per each.

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